themes - groups and workshops

Breathing into You
Here you explore your energy with the support of e g different kinds of simple body movement, breathing, inquiry and meditation, for less stress and more joy in everyday life.
Food for the Soul
Meditation, breathing and silence - to open up for yourself and let some air in. Meditation supports us to cope with stress and feel better. Breathing more fully also supports us to feel better physically as well as emotionally, it gives us more energy and protection against stress in various ways. Silence…to let you be with you without distractions in order to be able to hear yourself better. 
Medication with Meditation
Under this theme you look into your situation with different body symptoms and perhaps diagnoses, finding ways to be more at ease with disease. We may use e g simple body movement, breathing, constellation work, inquiry and meditation.
Meditation evenings, days or weekends
All groups and workshops may be varied and adjusted in content, length and time. 
The above mentioned are examples of what we could explore together.